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Our Vision is to connect communities by fusing fun and fitness.

We aim to bring communities together through our activities and events. We promote wellbeing to help maintain

a healthy balanced lifestyle.


We may not be the biggest or the best, however we are big hearted and sincere in our efforts in helping everyone. So if we can help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals whilst making you smile, then together we’ve done something good.

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Founder of Laugh and Workout, Jp has always had a passion for fitness and supporting communities. As a former athlete competing all over the world, a Black belt martial artist and a national ambassador for Self-Defence, Jp has over 30 years experience which he brings to all of his classes. Jp was a late starter into fitness teaching and drew inspiration from one of his fitness idols,

Billy Blanks.


In 2015 Jp was able to combine his love of martial arts, fitness, music and working within in the community, by becoming a Fight Klub®️ instructor.


Driven by a sense of adventure, a passion to connect people and an infectious sense of humour, he aims to help others achieve their fitness goals.


A dedicated family man Jp is guided by four simple principles To

Live, Love, Laugh and Learn

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